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Locksmiths Rio Rancho has master locksmiths that make car new keys and give you the energy as well as the authority to operate your automobile. We not only cut a key, but we are also good at rekeying locks, which is a service you should consider if your car has been broken into or you have purchased a preowned vehicle.

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Locksmiths Rio Rancho will do rekeying locks services in the middle of the day, at night, and on the road over a weekend. You don’t have to delay going out to have fun with your friends just because you have lost a pair of keys. If you call us before it gets too late, we can get you to your destination in a matter of 25 minutes.

Let us help you make spare car key next time you need new keys made and we will offer you the service. If you have a big family and share one vehicle it is recommended that each of them have their own keys. We can make you copies relatively cheap since we are a discount locksmith.

Cheap Car Keys


Locksmiths Rio Rancho makes cheap car keys that are priced to sell. Our key has the same great features that you will get with your original set that came with the vehicle. If you want durability, you should consult us since we are one phone call away and probably less than a mile from where you are.

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